Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here We Are Baseball Season in Full Swing!

We have just started our games and are having so much fun this year! Cole looks so cute in his catching outfit! There will be more pics to come.
Easter Morning

Where did the Easter Bunny hide our baskets this year?
"I found Cole's!"

Tricky Rabbit!Found Kadyn's!

Found Ashlee's!

The Harward Annual Easter Hunt!

All the grand kids ready to run out the door to find Easter eggs.

What Sweethearts!

Looks like Cole will have enough eggs to last him another year!
Smashing confetti eggs on Uncle John and Ritch!

Looks like another Successful Easter Egg Hunt at the Harwards!
Time to divide the eggs up evenly so everyone is happy!


This was my first and last cake I will ever make! What a nightmare! Luckily it held up long enough for the party. My first mistake was forgetting to order it a few days in advance because of course the cake decorator was not coming in the day I needed it and my next mistake was making it too moist so it kept falling apart and frosting it was a joke. It was the cake She wanted so I am glad she loved it. She had such a fun birthday and I am sad that these were the only pictures we took everything else is on the video camera. We love you Miss Kadyn!
A Day In The Snow

The Tallest Snowman We ever built!
Christmas Morning 2009

Life is good at the Stangers household!

Introducing our future clothes and hair designers! Ashlee loves her new clothes designing kit and Kadyn was so excited for her hair cutting and styling kits. They couldn't have been happier! Thanks Santa!

Our blankets Grandma Harward made for us. We love them! Thanks Grandma!